Do you need help keeping your WordPress website up-to-date?
We can help you with a monthly support plan.


WordPress is an incredible content management system, but it does require website owners to regularly login to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Like all website systems, WordPress is vulnerable to security breaches and needs protection. Bugs can also crop up that change the look of your site, or take it offline. We take the pressure off you by performing these tasks for a low monthly fee.

Our prices start from as little as £40 per month

You'll be in good company.

What's in the Basic Plan?

When you sign up with us, we audit your website and perform any urgent fixes

Premium Security

We install and configure a WordPress security plugin, like WordFence and perform other forms of security hardening.

1 Hour Developer Time

If you need help with basic website tasks, or a bug crops up, our 1 hour of developer time per month will take care of it.

Daily Website Backups

In case something catastrophic should ever happen to your website then we take daily website backups and will help you restore it for free should you ever need help.

Plugin & Theme Updates

We will apply all WordPress Core, theme and plugin updates. If any plugin becomes obsolete we’ll also setup a replacement that performs the equivalent functionality.

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